Kadara / Destiny


by Adeyemi Afolayan (Ade Love)


Nigeria / 1980 / 94mins / Drama / Yoruba and Hausa

Tradition dictates that the suitor of the beautiful princess of a kingdom will be decided by a wrestling contest open to all. In Ade Love’s charming, swooning tale, a handsome and endearing farmer and a brutish man of considerable wealth face off for the princess’s hand.


About the Director

Adeyemi Afolayan (Ade Love)

Adeyemi Afolayan (also known as Ade Love) was a Nigerian film actor, director and producer. He is the father of the multi-award-winning filmmaker; Kunle Afolayan, the award-winning actor; Gabriel Afolayan, Moji Afolayan and Aremu Afolayan. In 1966, Ade Love joined Moses Olaiya's drama troupe, in 1971, he left to establish his own drama group which went on to stage comedic plays. In 1976, he appeared in Ola Balogun's Ajani Ogun and later produced and starred in Ija Ominira, also directed by Balogun. Kadara, also called "Destiny" in English was the first movie he wrote, produced and also starred as leading actor. The movie was shown at the ninth Tashkent Film Festival for African and Asian cinema. Adeyemi further produced and starred in other productions such as Ija Orogun, Taxi Driver and Iya ni Wura. He passed away in 1996. Learn More